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Two Homecomings, One Night

Assumption's queen Lexi Flynn and Bettnedorf's king Eric Hale

Assumption’s queen Lexi Flynn and Bettnedorf’s king Eric Hale

by Ellie Vonderhaar

 Assumption’s Homecoming Queen, Lexi Flynn had a senior homecoming experience like no other. It started at 6 in the morning with a volleyball tournament that had her out of town untill 4. She got ready, and her boyfriend, Eric Hale, from Bettendorf High School, picked her up. This is when things got complicated. They went to Jack Fitzgibbon’s for pictures and dinner, followed by the Assumption dance. A little over an hour into the dance, they left for Bettendorf because Eric, who was the homecoming king at Bettendorf, had court pictures. Lexi had to change into a short dress because that is what they wear at Bettendorf. The royal couple planned on staying at Bettendorf but went back to Assumption’s dance because it was so much fun! Here is what the two had to say about their eventful homecoming:

Eric: “I had the best time with Lexi at both dances. It was a night that I’ll never forget.”

Lexi: “My senior homecoming was one of the best nights of my life, and it was really fun to go to both dances!”


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